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         Shanghai Leadgo-tech Technology / R&D center established in October, 2012, is the key department of the company. For now, the center has built up a high quality R&D team with abundant technique strength and solid professional knowledge, all members own bachelor degrees or above and rich experience in composite.

        The center has two laboratories for chemistry and physics, a large number of well-appointed instruments and equipments, bought from well-known brand both at home and abroad, can meet not only the requirements of daily research and development, but also the tests of raw materials and finished products.
        Adhere to Solidarity, Tension, Seriousness, Activity principles, the center is ready to meet various challenges and opportunities since its establishment. So far, it has obtained more than ten patents and more technologies are on the road.
        Cooperation with many famous scientific research academies such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the center is based on the independent research and development, according to the reality of composite field, develops special products to meet different needs of different clients both at home and abroad.
         At present, the primary goal of Shanghai Leadgo-tech Technology / R&D center is to research and develop high quality, high technology, high efficiency products in urgent need of the market. In the future, the center will cooperate with development with the company, and keep improving, keep exceeding, continually contribute to the development of Chinese composites industry.


        R & D