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        Leadgo-tech launches ultra-thin extruded guide screen
        News / 2020-12-23


        Shanghai Leadgo Co., Ltd. introduced a new production line and launched an ultra-thin extrusion-type guide net. The diversion net is a three-dimensional grid-like net, this structure is conducive to resin flow, has high permeability, can make the resin flow evenly and quickly to any part of the workpiece, and has a good release effect.

        The conduction rate of the ultra-thin extruded guide net is similar to that of similar products in the market, and the PP material with better temperature resistance is adopted. Under the premise of ensuring a good conduction speed, the residual amount of resin can be reduced by 20%-30%. Can achieve the goal of helping customers reduce costs. Compared with woven mesh guide net, it is easy to lay flat and not easy to curl.

        The physical picture of the ultra-thin extruded guide net provided by our company is shown in Figure 1, and the physical properties are shown in Table 1:

        Fig 1 Ultra-thin extruded guide screen

        Table 1 Technical data of ultra-thin extruded guide net


        Mass per unit area [g/m2]

        Maximum temperature resistance []

        Thickness [mm]









        Our newly launched ultra-thin extruded guide net has better temperature resistance and lower weight, which can effectively meet customer needs.

        Leadgo always pays attention to and attaches importance to the research and development of high-performance auxiliary materials. The needs of customers are the driving force for our continuous improvement. The introduction of ultra-thin extruded.