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        LEADGO suture techniques of Vacuum bag film
        News / 2017-11-02

         With complex shape parts curing needs increasing, LEADGO technology co. LTD recently developed vacuum bag film stitching technology, and successfully applied to the production of actual parts. Vacuum bag film can be synthesized a three-dimensional shape and special shaped bag (complex bag) by suture techniques, which is suitable for complex parts solidification molding, and can be customized in batches according to the needs of customers.

        The special shaped bag prepared by stitching technology has excellent comprehensive properties such as high mechanical strength, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, flexibility and good sealing performance. In the composite forming process, using a special customized bag can not only reduce the difficulty of making complex parts vacuum bag, improve molding quality and reduce scrap risk, but also can improve the production efficiency, save labor cost. At present, all vacuum bag films produced by our company can be made into various special-shaped bags with complex shapes by stitching technology, so as to meet the forming requirements of composite parts with different structural forms.

        Special shaped bag sample