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        Lek high tech introduces a high temperature tubular vacuum bag - T-BAG 200
        News / 2017-09-12
        Lek high tech research and development center in August 2017 successfully developed a small width of high temperature tubular vacuum bag: T-BAG 200, and successfully passed the tests. T-BAG 200 is a kind of high ductility small width vacuum bag film, can be in high temperature to achieve the use of 205oC curing system, suitable for polyester,  epoxy resin system, especially suitable for vacuum bag, flexible operation, high performance requirements of the sealing composite material production process (tubular product molding) that is an ideal material for high temperature vacuum forming process.
        Our specifications for T-BAG 200 and the physical performance of the corresponding products are shown in the following table:

        Specification size



        thickness /μm


        width /mm


        Area density /[g/m2]


        Maximum service temperature /


        Physical property

        tensile strength (MD)/MPa

        ASTM D882


        tensile strength (TD)/MPa


        elongation (MD)/%

        ASTM D882


        elongation (TD)/%



        R & D personnel on the T-BAG 200 materials, processes, inspection standards, application conditions, such as repeated testing, and ultimately determine the optimal program.