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        Aviation composite materials for formation of auxiliary materials industry standards meeting held in
        News / 2017-05-10

                 May 9, aviation composite materials with auxiliary materials industry standard meeting held in my company. The conference was sponsored by Shanghai Leadgo-tech Co., Ltd., Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry Composite Materials Corporation Ltd, China Aviation Industry Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd., Aecc Beijing institute of Aeronautical Materials and other representatives attended the meeting.

          At present, the vacuum auxiliary materials for aviation composite materials which are provided by different suppliers around the world. The quality and performance can not meet the requirements of the stability and consistency of the composite materials quality. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate the relevant industry standards.

        At the meeting, representatives from every companies and research institutes actively participated in the discussion, and finally the aviation composite materials with vacuum bag film, peel ply, sealant tape, breathers, release film standard have an agreement.

        It is significant to establish the vacuum composite materials for aerospace composite materials, which can greatly reduce the cost and bring huge economic benefits to the civil machine industry.