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        Leadgo-Tech Launches New Type No ‘F’ Release High Temperature-Resistant Release Film -LRF2100
        News / 2017-02-09

        With the development of aerospace technology, more and more advanced composites materials are used for aerospace, release film is an indispensable auxiliary material and plays an important role in the vacuum infusion molding of composite materials

        February, 2017 Shanghai-the R&D center of leadgo-tech recently developed a new type no “F” release films, and had got through a series of tests. LRF2100 release film is made of special materials, and it has many advantages:

        LRF2100 release film has no “F”, Particularly fits for using in the molding of composite materials which requires gluing in the latter stage of the process;

        excellent heat resistance, LRF2100 release film melting point is 230 ℃, can be used at high temperatures;

        Peelability, LRF2100 release film surface tension is 24dyne/cm, rank only second to fluoride resin, has excellent peelability;

        Resistant to steam, LRF2100 release film is a polyolefin material, and it is not easy to absorb moisture, so it will not decline in performance and size changes because of degradation  caused by vapor;

        Transparency, LRF2100 release film is transparent, with excellent light transmission;


        Based on these advantages of LRF2100 release film, LRF2100 is a comprehensive performance without "F" high temperature-resistant release film, and it can meet the needs of most customers. Now LRF2100 release film is supplied in both perforated and non-perforated versions, standard perforations are P3 & P16, but other perforations might be possible under request.


                             LRF2100 release film                                                          LRF2100 samples in tensile testing


        LRF2100 release film surface is smooth, feels good, suitable for a variety of resin systems, and easy to quickly peel from the surface of the product. It is an ideal material for vacuum infusion molding process.